Wind / Storm Damage

Wind Damage is very common due to storms, we also get little warning before a storm may arrive. That's why Mitchell's Restoration Services is a 24/7 service to be available day or night. No matter how big or small the damage may be Mitchell's Restoration Services  is here to help.  From roof repairs caused form shingles damage or as big as a tree falling on your home. Wind damage can also cause underlying water damage from rain that comes from the storm. Also lighting strikes or any kind of impact damage should be taken care immediately. Mitchell's Restoration Services grantees to be on scene within the first 60 minute to make sure you and your family's home is properly taken care of.   

How to fix Wind and Storm Damage ?

  1. Make Sure everyone is safe! 
  2. Determine if there is any underlying problems, such as flooding. 
  3. If there is flooding the water removal process begins
  4. Next the drying, to prevent any further problems .
  5. Finally the rebuild and restoration of the wind/ storm damage 

What our customers are saying

"work done by them several times, better than all the other restoration companies i have worked with."  

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Wind & Storm Damage Services

Fallen trees

Roof and Shingle Damage.

Window and Siding Damage.

Property Damage.

Broad ups


Wind damage

Storm damages

Disaster damage

Hail damage

Impact damage

Lighting damage

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