Water Damage 

We understand that handling water or flood damage can be a default time for a home or business owner. That's why Mitchell's Restoration Services responds immediately with our highly certified water restoration professionals. No mater if it's a broken pipes or natural disaster we remove all the standing water. Its important to call a specialists to not only remove the water, but also to dry it out. Drying out the water is a important part of the progress because, it can prevent future damage such as mold growth that starts to grow within just a few days and can be very harmful. Mitchell's Restoration Service is an 24 hour business and has an immediate responds time of 60 minutes or less! 

What to do if you find water damage? 

  1. Call Mitchell's Restoration today! do not wait to call (513)939-9536 24/7 emergency service.
  2. Locate where the water is coming from in your home.  
  3. Mitchell's Restoration Services will be at your home in 60 minutes or less.
  4. Will stop the water source to prevent any further damage. 
  5. Identify what type of water, if contaminated.
  6. Water removal will begin! 
  7. After all the water is cleaned up, the progress of drying will start. Our certified technicians will make sure all the floor, carpet, walls are dry to prevent any other damage to your home. 
  8. After your home is safety dried out, it will need to be cleaned professionally to began odor removal. 
  9. More than likely your home may need broad up, rebuild such as new dry wall that was damaged due to the water. 

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

" Staff was very courteous & respectful! Always timely & informative of steps to follow and time/date" 

- Aissaton G. 

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