Fire Damage 

Fire damage is extremely tough to go through. Mitchell's Restoration Services understands that not only is your home damaged, but also maybe some of your personal belongings as well. Mitchell's Restoration Services tries to make a bad situation into the most stress free as possible. Not only is there just fire damage, but also smoke damage and water damage due to putting the fire out. Mitchell's Restoration Services can help with the clean up and get your home or business back to the way it was before with our 25 years of experience with fire and smoke restoration. You can trust us to get your home better than it was before, when it comes to fire damage Mitchell's Restoration Services knows it best. The owner of the company is even a certified fire fighter just to take an extra step to take care of your families home. 

What to do for fire damage? 

  1. Don't waste no time and call Mitchell's Restoration Services to get your home back to new again (513)-939-9536. 
  2. Most important thing is to make sure everyone is safe! 
  3. Mitchell's Restoration Services  is a 24/7 365 a year service! 
  4. Mitchell's Restoration Services will also help with not only the fire damage, but also the smoke and water. 
  5. Most common fires are due to Electric, kitchen, or gas. 
  6. After all the water is removed due from putting the fire out, Mitchell's Restoration Services will start the board up and repair!
  7. Be sure not to try to board up on your own and call a professional due to all the gas and toxins after an fire occurs.  

" Very patient in helping me think through my options" 

- Phyllis S.

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